Commercial Property

This type of business service insurance will protect your businesses building. This covers an array of assets, including protecting the businesses personal property, tools, equipment and other important assets.

Commercial Umbrella

Commercial Umbrella insurance will provide a business with additional liability coverages to help protect these businesses against the potentiality devastating costs.

Commercial Auto

This will cover your businesses financial costs from an automobile accident if an employee is found to be at fault. Commercial Auto insurance will help pay for damaged property and medical expenses if need be.

Surety Solutions

Our insurance agents are here to assist you in this type of contract, which ensures obligations will be met between a principal, obligee and surety.

Cyber Liability

With Cyber Liability insurance, it can protect your business from a range of cyber issues. For example, it can protect your business from threats such as hackers, lost or stolen laptops, business interruption, and a host of any other threats that can leave a lasting impact on businesses.

Risk Management Services

We can assist you in finding a Risk Management Service that will identify, assess and prioritize risk that has the potential to negatively affect your business or organization.

Employment Practices (EPLI)

Employment Practices Liability Insurance, or EPLI, helps to cover businesses against claims where employees have had their legal rights within the company violated.

Commercial Business Liability

Whether your business is small or large, our insurance agents can help you minimize risk within your company. These risks range from customer injury to a broken contract.